An Incredible Story of Our Company

CHICAGO Maintenance & Construction was established in 1978 with a vision firmly set on the future. From humble beginnings, we built a company committed to creating world-class social infrastructure.

Chicago Maintenance & Construction Company LLC is a long established construction, interior fit-out and facilities management operator with over 35 years’ experience, which has significant interests in education and healthcare. As the demand for construction grew, Chicago Maintenance & Construction Company carved out a niche area in construction and interim fit-out projects, specializing in providing social infrastructure in the Middle East. It was responsible for the construction and interior fit-out works of schools, hospitals and commercial buildings in the United Arab Emirates.

We have a dedicated work force of over 2200 employees and along with our Vendors and Subcontractors our strength is in the excess of 5000 workers.

Our dedicated team of professionals provide the impetus and are focused in offering solutions and expertise to all aspects of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties.

Our Facilities Management portfolio is in the excess of 5 million ft² and encompasses all sections of business such as education, healthcare logistics, showrooms, Banks and Commercial Authorities.

The Company has a proven track record in the following areas:

The other services include:

The approach of the company involves Customer Service, Safe Environmental and Health Issues and also outsourcing of certain activities making it not only effective but a very resourceful company that is able to always fulfill its commitment and still adhere to the high standards of quality and service.