Facilities Management

CHICAGO Maintenance & Construction was established in 1978 with a vision firmly set on the future. From humble beginnings, we built a company committed to creating world-class social infrastructure.

At Chicago, we never stop working.  Out integrated services ranging from pre-construction to the daily requirements of facilities management & asset management ensure that we offer a standard of services that is evident even at the farthest reaches of each property.

From quick repairs to preventive maintenance to major refurbishments, we guarantee exemplary Services

Our Extensive FM portfolio includes all area of the private and public sectors.


Chicago technicians are trained to carry out the maintenance of all electrical, plumbing and HVAC installation.


Our service goes well beyond the typical schedule.  We know that there are times when emergencies arise.  Our team is trained to respond to your urgent needs promptly and professionally.


As one of our core area, we offer specialized cleaning services across all types of facilities and industries.  We continually invest in the latest equipment to ensure optimal performance.  Each Chicago team member is committed to provide outstanding service.


Regardless of size of your project, our team is committed to providing the service you require.


Our services extend well beyond interiors.  Our specialists are involved in the conceptualization, design, execution and maintenance of landscaping works, both hard and soft.

Preventive Maintenance

We can provide optimal maintenance schedules for key building assets, ensuring that you are able to fully capitalize on maximum output without worrying about unexpected downtime.

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